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Welcome to the Show | The #1 Film, TV, Review & Interview show!

Everyone knows about the BIG name celebrity. The A – list Headliner on a TV show, or at the box office, but what about everyone else?

There are thousands of great Films & TV shows with, Staff Writers, Editors, Cinematographer, Actors, Set Designers, and Make-up Artist just to name a few.

Join us at Hollywood Breakthrough Show, as we interview some of the most talented people in the business, which names you may, or may not know! But you have seen their work!

Whether they're well- established veterans of the business, or current up and comers, these are the people who are making a living in Hollywood.

Screenwriters, directors, producers and entertainment industry professionals share inside perspective on writing, filmmaking, breaking into Hollywood and navigating SHOW BUSINESS, along with stories of their journey to success!

Before you go, if you have a second, let me ask you (and please reply with as much detail as you like) – what are you struggling with right now? Email us at

Again, I'm so thankful you've joined the community, and I'm more than sure you'll enjoy what you read, hear and see on the site.



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